Zella Conan

Zella Conan Exhibit

The Zella Conan Exhibit showcases Monterey's past in living color, featuring watercolor paintings of Monterey's Path of History. Each artwork transports you to a bygone era, showcasing the town's historic adobes, cobblestone streets, and coastal beauty. Through these delicate strokes, Conan captures the timeless essence of Monterey's heritage, inviting you to stroll through history's vivid canvas. Conan lived in Carmel, CA when she painted the Path of History paintings on display.

About the Artist

Zella Key was born in Greencastle, Indiana February on 24th 1896. In 1917 she married Nevada-based radiologist Claude Piersall. In Reno, she studied water color under American watercolorist Lorenzo P. Latimer in a group called "The Latimer Club."  The Latimer Club was a small club founded by a group of Reno-based women in art. The Club would frequently hold events, luncheons, and art critiques later gaining recognition as Nevada's first Art Association. By the 1930's, she divorced Claude and began working out of San Francisco where she met and married Raymond Conan. She and her husband then moved to Grand Junction, CO where she remained until her death on Nov. 13, 1987. Her work includes floral still lifes and landscapes.