Paul Whitman

Paul Whitman Exhibit

Paul Whitman's works brilliantly captures the essence of Monterey's bustling wharves and the character of its fishing boats. Employing a masterful command of sharp, intricately etched lines, Whitman meticulously arranges every detail, elevating what might seem like a mundane commercial setting into a tableau of unexpected grandeur.

Within his cleverly composed works, Whitman skillfully unveils an inherent dignity and charisma often concealed within scenes that others might dismiss as mere commercial squalor. His keen eye for detail and thoughtful rendering invite viewers to appreciate the hidden beauty and significance found amidst the everyday activities of the Monterey waterfront.

About the Artist

Paul Lingenbrink Whitman (1897-1950) was an American artist known for his versatility and mastery of a number of artistic media. He was one of the original members of the celebrated Carmel, California, art community, which included over the years such notable American artists as William Ritschel, Armin Hansen (one of Whitman’s mentors), Gottardo Piazzoni, Charles Rollo Peters, as well as photographer Ansel Adams and poet Robinson Jeffers.