Armin Hansen

Armin Hansen Exhibit

Armin Hansen's works are a testament to his mastery of marine art and the portrayal of coastal life. His paintings often capture the rugged beauty of the California coastline, particularly around Monterey and Carmel. With a keen eye for detail, Hansen's seascapes are known for their vivid depiction of the ocean's moods, from tranquil calmness to tempestuous storms.

Hansen's skillful use of color and light brings his maritime scenes to life, with a special focus on the interplay between water, sky, and land. His subjects include fishermen at work, boats battling the elements, and the everyday activities of coastal communities. Through his brushwork, he conveys a deep connection to the sea and an appreciation for the resilience of those who make their living from it.

Overall, Armin Hansen's works are a visual celebration of the sea's power and beauty, reflecting the timeless allure of life along the coast. His art continues to captivate viewers and serves as a lasting tribute to the maritime heritage of California.

About the Artist

Armin (Carl) Hansen (1886-1957) was born in San Francisco to a German-artist father. Armin attended the School of Design. After the 1906 earthquake, he was sent to Germany for art study. Armin spent his summers as a sailor on Norwegian trawlers. By the time he returned to San Francisco in 1912, he was completely dedicated to marine painting. The next year he moved to Monterey where he soon gathered a large group of students who have enthusiastically labeled his teaching years as “Monterey’s Golden Age.” Hansen was made an Associate of the National Academy of Design in 1926 and in 1948 became a full Academician. Armin Hansen was one of the founders of the Monterey History and Art Association.